Covid Testing (Rapid test) by appointment at www.MyRx.io

Covid-19 Vaccinations

 Janssen (J&J) single dose appointments available for from Monday-Friday OUT OF STOCK UNTIL NEXT FEDERAL SHIPMENT

Moderna- IN STOCK & appointments available from Monday-Friday For 18yrs and older

Pfizer - IN STOCK & available from Monday-Friday for 12yrs and older

Due to limited waiting space, please limit 1 person to accompany 1 patient 

Please down load and read these documents prior to vaccination
Fact Sheet for Moderna Vaccine: English - Spanish
Fact Sheet for Janssen (J&J) Vaccine: English, Spanish
Fact Sheet for Pfizer Vaccine: English, Spanish
V-Safe: English - Spanish
Please bring your MediCARE card (Blue, Red and White Card. 
If you don't have Medicare Par-B, please bring
Your Insurance cards - both Medical and Pharmacy benefit cards (samples below)

New Medicare Cards - The ReliefCreating a P-EBT Food Benefit PIN for a NYS Medicaid Common Benefit  Identification Card (CBIC) | SNAP COVID-19 Information | SNAP | OTDAPharmacy | Health NetworkGHI CBP | EmblemHealth
MEDICARE with PART-B NYS MediCAID Pharmacy Card Medical card

If you do not have your RX Benefit Card, plz call your ins get the following information
1. RX BIN# 2. RX PCN# 3. RX ID# 4. RX Group# 5. Relationship to the cardholder

For 1st dose -- click  HERE to book appointment and fill consent form 

(Submitting online form significantly reduces your wait time at the pharmacy)

For 3rd DOSE appointments-- click HERE

J&N Pharmacy has been helping customers in Bronx (NY) area.  We are a proud independent pharmacy, and we are constantly expanding in our town.

You will find every member of our staff to be knowledgeable and accessible. While our commitment to personal service is still the most important aspect, we do include many patient care services. Through all the growth and modernization, J&N Pharmacy has managed to maintain the intimacy of a neighborhood pharmacy. J&N Pharmacy is focused on your health-care. Our community retail pharmacy provide the personal care expected but not always received at many of todays pharmacies. Our community pharmacy strive to meet the health-care needs of each individual customer by offering quality customer service, pharmacist consultations, compounding prescription services and a state of the art automated prescription dispensing machine that guarantees prompt and efficient service. 

J&N Pharmacy is locally owned and operated by pharmacists dedicated to meeting the increased health-care needs of the communities we service. Providing unique and quality services allows us to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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